5 Questions botox

5 Questions botox
Cosmetic Injectables are more mainstream now then ever before. Chances are you know a friend, family member, or colleague that has shared their treatment experiences with you. It is, however a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. Thinking about Botox or filler? Here are five questions to ask yourself before you proceed:
1. What brings me to this decision now?
This is the first question we ask our clients. Why now? Have you experienced a milestone in your life – big birthday, empty nest, newly single? Have you been reading about it and talking with friends forever and now decided to move forward? Are you interested in prevention? Or is this an impulse move? By asking this we can understand your specific goals and motivation as well as expectations you have. Then we can discuss treatments that will be appropriate specifically for you. It also helps us to get to know you and builds a foundation for a relationship moving forward.
2. What specific results am I looking for?
Do you want to look brighter, fresher, smoother, or more rested in a subtle way or completely change or enhance your features? Cosmetic injectables will not change your face, but help you put your best face forward. Your features will remain your features, but you will see the best version of yourself. People will never think you had “work done” but notice how beautiful relaxed and fresh you look. Establishing realistic and shared goals for your treatment is the cornerstone of our practice.
3. Do I fully understand the treatment and products?
Educating clients is one of our favorite parts of the job! Even clients that have had filler before don’t realize that there several forms of filler that come in many levels of firmness made for different areas of the face. Some have more lifting abilities due to firmer consistencies (eg, to treat cheeks and deep lines) while others are lighter and great for treating and hydrating fine lines. There are also fillers made just for lips. There is no “one size fits all” and each treatment should be tailored to your specific facial areas.
4. How much product will I need and how much will it cost?
Cosmetic injectables are not cheap! It is very important to know the exact cost before you move forward. The only way to know for sure is for us to look at your face. At Beautoxetc we encourage free consultation visits so we can determine how many units of Botox or syringes of filler you will need. If you choose to proceed at that visit that is fine however if you want to go home and think about it that is fine too. After your treatment we take time to record how much product, what type, and where it was used, so that next time we will know exactly what you need.
5. Am I aware of all the side effects and how to mitigate them?
Most people know that bruising can be seen after cosmetic injectable treatment. At Beautoxetc we take great care to minimize this using careful technique, strategic placement of pressure and ice, a generous amount of Arnica cream. More serious but rare complications include eyelid drooping, dropped forehead, muscle weakness and headache after Botox injection. With dermal filler the most serious (and very very rare) side effect occurs when a small amount of filler is injected into a blood vessel and blocks the blood supply to that area of the face. It is therefore very important that you seek care from an experienced clinician who is well versed in facial anatomy, and practices in a quiet, professional environment without distractions during the treatment.
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