Mary Dealy

This is the era of minimally invasive medical aesthetic procedures, eg neurotoxin and dermal filler. A whopping 4/5 of all treatments performed by facial plastic surgeons in 2018 were cosmetic non surgical procedures. Up until now, people have seen Botox and think along the lines of the 20-30-40 somethings. But this is NOT just a “young persons” game! Last year those aged 55 and older accounted for 26 percent of cosmetic procedures for all ages, and that number is growing. Here are 5 reasons you should consider injectables if you are over the age of 55:
1. Our face changes as we age – that is nature!
Our facial bones start losing volume and recede backwards. Our eye sockets widen and deepen. There is blunting of the angles of the brows, nose and upper jawbones, causing crows feet, hooded eyelids, disappearance of cheekbones and a drooping nose. The length and height of our lower jaw also decreases, leading to formation of a jowl and a less defined chin. Gravity causes hollowing of the upper face while the lower face appears heavy with no definition. The loss of collagen makes our skin become weaker, thinner, looser and less elastic, causing wrinkles and sagging. Minor, safe cosmetic injectable procedures can seemingly reverse these changes with subtle changes.
2. The workforce now comes in 50 shades of grey.
Retirement? What’s that?!? Since 2008 the average labor for participation rate of 55-64 year olds has risen and continues to steadily rise. People are enjoying their work lives and not ready to retire at the ages their parents did. Even for those who are technically retired, they pursue other careers that make them feel more fulfilled, happy, and social!
3. The senior dating scene is on the rise.
With 40% of men and women over 50 single, widowed, or divorced and looking for companionship and new adventures, folks are looking to be at the top of their dating game. And they are binging a very different attitude toward dating then prior generations. Dating sites such as OurTime and Stitch are directed at an over 55 demographic and growing. Subscribers want to put their best face forward in this age of social media presence. Minor cosmetic injectable procedures can help them do just that.
4. Tweakment
This is no longer the Kardashian-version of Botox and fillers! Successful cosmetic procedures should not be obvious. Exaggerated cosmetic procedures are on their way out – subtle is key. People should look like their own filtered photos of a photoshop version of themselves. Todays mantra is “everyone will notice, but no one will know!”.
5. Injectables are more accessible than ever
These services are no longer part of an expensive luxury experience, nor are they performed in the cold clinical setting of a medical office. A new wave of clinics/spas/salons focus on just one category (eg cosmetic injectables) and make them accessible to all with a scalable business model. Business like Beautoxetc make these treatments directly accessible to the consumer. No longer feeling like a Hollywood star’s glamorous home or a doctors office, these spaces are just the right “in-between” the two. They are luxurious and professional but simple and quick with very little down time. Not an indulgence but a ritual, something you do on a regular basis like a haircut or manicure. You don’t have to have your entire day disrupted. Cosmetic injectable treatments do not need to be over the top expensive and inaccessible to the average consumer.
At Beautoxetc, we get it! Our one and only goal is to help you put your best face forward at any stage of life. Book a free consultation today