Typography is the art and technique
Typography is the art
Most of my clients over the age of 55 tell me that the reason they invest in Botox and dermal filler is because they worry about younger colleagues competing for their job. Despite the truth that they are accomplished and intelligent with years of experience, they often feel that age and looks will trump all their accomplishments. And they are not wrong! Age matters, beauty matters, and confidence matters in industries that require face to face contacts with clients and co-workers. This impacts women far more than men. Studies show that as men age they are viewed more valuable and competent in the workplace. Women lose their credibility with every new wrinkle.
We are used to the gender bias. We don’t like it, but we’re accustomed to being overshadowed by men despite our great performance. But now we’re aging in a society that worships youthfulness and beauty. And as women over 55 in the workplace, we feel the pressure to remain young and attractive to stay employed. We sense our once sought after opinions overlooked and our work load given away, as we experience younger workers being promoted around us. We feel marginalized and diminished and are terrified of losing our jobs, knowing full well the challenges we would face getting a new job at our age.
What can you do if you are in this situation? Here are a few suggestions:
1. Show your grit
Tell your manager that you’re ready, willing, and able to do your best work. Don’t assume they already know that. They’re most likely making assumptions that you don’t want to work too hard and have lost your grit. Prove them wrong! My recommendation is to have a face-to-face conversation with your manager so there is no misunderstanding. Work together to create a career path for the next few years.
2. Be a Mentor
Get the word out to your manager and others in the organization that you would welcome a mentor opportunity. This serves many purposes. You show you’re in the game and committed to the organization. You gain visibility for the value you offer and you build relationships with younger employees from whom you can learn a lot as well.
3. Show you are passionate about your job
Clearly state your opinion in meetings without automatically disregarding ideas from your colleagues. Request training or reimbursement for courses to learn new skills pertinent to your job. Give honest feedback to your colleagues and be open to receiving constructive criticism to support your ongoing learning. A growth mindset supports your ongoing success.
4. Pay careful attention to your appearance
One obvious suggestion is to be mindful of your wardrobe, makeup, and hair style choices to ensure they’re age appropriate and professional. Pay close attention your skin care, and invest in Botox or dermal fillers on the face and hands (hands are a classic tell tale sign of aging). Don’t look at these treatments as a frivolous indulgence but as an investment in your professional career. Because at the end of the day, as we age as women, our performance counts but so does a youthful and attractive appearance.
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