botox jeuveneau dysport

Most people have heard of Botox – it is the brand name for the wrinkle relaxing neuromodulator called “Botulinum”. When injected in small amounts directly into a muscle, it blocks the nerve cells that signal the muscle to contract. The result is the relaxation of the muscles and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.
Dysport and Juveau are the same substance (Botulinum) and are used with the same result (to treat fine lines and wrinkles). The difference between them comes down to varying formula characteristics – specifically molecule size, preparation, and diffusion.
Dysport molecules are smaller in comparison to Botox which enables it to work faster. Clients can see results in 24 hours vs up to 72 hours with . Dysport also diffuses (or spreads), to a wider area after it is injected. This is beneficial when addressing larger areas such as forehead and crow’s feet, however not as beneficial when treating smaller areas with thicker muscles, such as the 11’s between the eyes. Finally, the two products are diluted differently. So if a patient is accustomed to a certain number of Botox units for a treatment they will likely need to increase the dose if using Dysport. However, greater dilution does not mean that Dysport is less effective, it just means that a higher quantity of Dysport is needed to achieve the same results. In terms of price, both are priced the same – the price of Dysport is less per unit but to get a similar treatment the final cost is the same as you will need more units.
Juveau®,made by the company Evolus, is the newest neuromodulator to hit the market. The safety and effectiveness profile of Juveau® is similar to Botox, therefore one can be substituted for another. However just as with Dysport, the differences are in the formula characteristics. These differences may mean that Juveau® yields better results than Botox for some patients and vice-versa. While Botox is FDA approved for a variety of medical indications as well as cosmetics, Juveau® is approved for cosmetic use only.
Which is better? Since they are all made of the same basic substance, “better” does not really apply. It depends on the individual patient. If you have not tried Dysport® or Juveau®, I recommend you try it! Or, if you are not 100% happy with the results of one product, switch to another for your next treatment.


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