Do you feel like you look tired all the time despite being well rested? Do you look in the mirror and see dark circles and hollows under the eyes that you would like to fix? Do you have your grandmothers under eye baggage? What if you discovered that there is a safe, relatively painless, quick and easy treatment for this? Read on.
Ugh! Why is this happening to me?
While dark circles and hollowness under the eyes can sometimes be the result of fatigue, allergies and dehydration, they are most commonly caused by the natural aging process. As you get older, your body produces fewer new skin cells, which can make the skin under your eyes thinner. You also start to lose the fat and collagen that help keep your skin elastic. As a result, the blood vessels under the skin become more visible, which can lead to darkening around the eyes.
What can be done about this?
Dermal fillers that are made of hyaluronic acid can be injected under the eyes to restore volume in the tear trough area. This essentially provides a layer between your blood vessels and your eyes, which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles. The hollow space is also filled with the filler, resulting in a fresh well rested appearance.
Needles in my eyes??? That sounds painful and dangerous!
A hyaluronic acid injection is a non-invasive procedure performed in your provider’s office. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes or less from beginning to end.
Your procedure will begin with your provider cleansing the injection site with an antibacterial agent. Your provider may also apply an anesthetic to help reduce discomfort, although most people find that the injections are not very painful. Prior to injection, the area for injection is carefully assessed to avoid blood vessels in the area. The injections themselves take just a few moments, and are followed by a gentle massage while your provider positions the filler for best results. The total amount of product used varies from client to client, between 0.5 and 1.0 cc. There is minimal to no downtime, and results are apparent immediately
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