new to botox

The decision to get botox and fillers is a big one and before doing so you should prepare yourself with as much information possible. A great way to do this is to book a consultation appointment with your provider prior to treatment. Several things can be accomplished during this visit:
You can get all of your questions answered and not feel rushed or pressured to move forward with treatment.
Before you go, make note of all your questions and concerns. Ask questions regardless if they seem silly or repetitive. Your provider should take the time to go over all your concerns completely so you walk out of the appointment feeling confident and excited about the treatment.
You get a good feel for your provider.
You should seek treatment from somebody you connect with and trust. After all – they are putting a needle in your face and potentially causing you pain and bruising. Be sure that you are on the same page regarding this.
What do they use to numb the area? prevent bruising or infection? How important is follow up after the procedure? Will they be readily available to address questions or concerns? Make sure you get a good confident vibe.
You can see where you will be financially
Treatments are expensive – but worth it! Take the time to find out exactly what this will cost so you can be prepared ahead of time and not feel stressed during the visit,
You will get a concrete idea of what is being offered
After looking at your face your provider will be able to tell you exactly what they recomend and how it wil look on your face. Rather then having a vague idea of what you will look like after treatment, you should walk out of the consultation with a solid understanding of Botox and fillers and how will they work on your face.
At Beautoxetc, we encourage clients to schedule a consult visit. We want you to feel entirely confident and comfortable with the treatment. Many of our clients return for treatment after the consultation visit, some have the treatment done at that time, some don’t return at all.
We would rather you complete a consultation and decide not to have treatment then cancel an appointment because you don’t have enough information. Book a consultation today via this short form or call 508.298.4824.