What do we do?

Help people feel confident about the way they present themselves to the world in order to live their best life regardless of where they are on the aging spectrum.




Perform a complete aesthetic anatomic assessment using our proprietary BeautoxEtc assessment tool that will allow us to develop a comprehensive curated treatment plan that will keep you on track to achieve and maintain your aesthetic goals.



Based on the assessment, administer the services and products needed. These will include:

  • Injectables that are administered carefully based on our extensive scientific and anatomical knowledge.
  • A scientifically based skincare regime that promises healthy beautiful glowing skin.
  • Skin care treatments such as microneedling and peels as recommended



Part of the BeautoxEtc concierge practice community that includes:

  • Personal connection and availability of your aesthetic provider
  • Advanced scheduling and medical record technology that makes it easy and convenient to:
    1. Make appointments that are convenient to your schedule with our user friendly scheduling and appointment reminder tools.
    2. Keep track of your aesthetic journey
  • “White glove services” such as follow up phone calls and complimentary follow up appointments after treatments
  • Custom service bundles to streamline your spending.

Fully empowered to live your best life regardless of where you are in the aging process