Mary Dealy

If you are like many people, you have a box or a drawer somewhere in your home filled with a mish-mosh of various skin care products that you have bought, tried, then discarded. You have a cleanser from one line, a serum from another, and a day cream from another. It can be very confusing. You find yourself always on the lookout for the newest products. Wouldn’t it be great to have just a few hard working and effective products from one line that is easy to follow and gives you beautiful results?
At BeautoxEtc, we did exhaustive research when deciding to add a skin care line, using the following criteria: we believe that each skin care product should be a “working” product, should be prescriptive and scientifically based, include steps that work synergistically together with each other, and start with a basic easy to follow regime followed by specific products prescribed to target specific skin issues. We ultimately decided to add ZO SKIN HEALTH, a luxury skin care line based on the latest advancements in skin restoration and rejuvenation technologies. Let me explain.
💧ZO skin health must be prescribed by a certified health care professional. Some of the products contain ingredients such as Retinol that are in higher doses then those purchased over the counter. Some products that should only be used for a specific amount of time and need to be gradually tapered off. Some products should not used in conjunction with other products. Safe and knowledgable prescriptive practices are the cornerstone of our practice.
💧ZO skin health products are scientifically based, and are constantly updated and upgraded based on scientific studies. Scientifically speaking, these products initiate skin cellular repair, normalize cellular functions, minimize sebum control, while preventing and correcting chronic inflammation and hyper-pigmentation, allowing the skin to renew and strengthen itself.
💧ZO skin health products work in synergy with one another. Every product is a working product – treating the dermis, epidermis, and individual skin cells to achieve the desired outcome. They are formulated to reach deeper into the skin to do their work.
💧ZO skin health has a basic, easy to follow regime that all clients start to get the skin ready for whatever treatment they will need (if any). This is a four step regime – cleanse, exfoliate, tone and nourish. Clinicians then prescribe additional products that target specific client’s skin care issues, such as aging, hyper-pigmentation, acne, or rosacea. The result is a prescriptive program that works is not overwhelming.
💧ZO skin health is a very good value. The prices are comparable to any other medical grade skin care line, and in some cases non medical grade skin care lines. Remember that drawer of graveyard skin care products that you have? That is money waisted. The best part of paying for ZO is that it provides more dramatic results.
💧It really works! We have been using the line ourselves and love the results.


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