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Injectable cosmetic procedures such as wrinkle reducers (Botox, Jeuveau, and Dysport) and dermal fillers (Juvederm and Restylane products) can do wonders to relax, lift and fill the aging face. However, high quality medical grade cosmetic skin care products are powerhouses against aging as well. This is based on the science of aging skin – read on to learn more.
Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and is constantly working to perform several vital jobs for your body. In my industry, it’s most important job is keeping your face looking and feeling good. This ongoing work and done in the background without you even noticing through a process called “skin cell rejuvenation” or “skin cell turnover”. Simply put, this is the process of producing new skin cells to replace cells that are at the end of their skin cell cycle. This is a vital aspect of keeping the skin looking smooth and healthy. However, like all body processes, this slows down as we age.
Every day your skin is exposed to environmental factors such as UV radiation and free radicals that cause damage. This in unavoidable, and in order to keep the skin looking beautiful and healthy, the body needs a constant supply of new skin cells. There is an amazing process that our skin engages in to do this called cell turnover. During the dermal cell turnover process, the cells actually move up from the deepest, or subcutaneous layer, to the top layer that we see every day, or epidermis. The old cells eventually die off and are replaced with beautiful new cells. This is a continual process, going on without you even knowing – and is a game changer for your skin’s beauty.
Our skin turns over every 28-40 days on average, however that time lengthens as we age. Here is a general guide to skin turnover rate at different ages:
💧 Before early 20s 14 to 21 days
💧 20s to 30s 28 days
💧 40s 45 to 60 days
💧 50 + 60 to 90 days
So you can see that as we age we need help with the turnover – make it faster to maintain that young looking skin. High quality medical grade cosmetic skin care products can be a game changer for aging skin. Here are ingredients to look for that stimulate skin cell turnover:
💧 Retinols
💧 Vitamin E
💧 Vitamin C
💧 Salicylic acid
💧 Glycolic acid
💧 Lactic acid
In addition to these ingredients, exfoliating scrubs, and peels work wonders to remove dead skin layers and surface sebum and oils that clog pores.
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