why turning to
1. To make them feel more confident.
Recent research conducted by Allergen, the makers of Botox and Juvederm, suggests that more women and men are now opting for cosmetic injectables to boost their self confidence, while the idea of boosting their appearance is taking somewhat of a back seat. You may say that looks and self confidence are cause and effect anyway, but when specifically asked about the motivations for getting injectables the majority of folks ranked boosting self confidence above or equal to improving their appearance
2. Cosmetic injectables are now more socially acceptable and even mainstream than in the past, and getting more and more so. You no longer have to wait months to see a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Many practices run by Nurse Practitioners such as Beautoxetc are readily available and convenient. It is no longer something you need to keep hidden or that is readily apparent to people once they take a look at you. The results are subtle and very natural looking. People say things like “It looks like me but with a filter”, “I want to be in photos more, I want to be out there more”, “I want to smile all the time”, “I just feel like a better version of myself”.
3. It keeps you from looking tired all the time when you don’t feel tired.
Do you find that you age you look in the mirror and look – well tired? Even if on the inside we still feel 25 or 30 with as much energy, intelligence, creativity and ambition as we ever had. So what we and the world see every day isn’t who we really are. And we want the world to see that – who we really are. For the first week or so you wake up looking more and more refreshed – it’s like a Christmas present when you wake up every morning! The results are subtle noticeable. Each time I have a treatment people say “You look great! Have you been on vacation? Lost weight, what is it?
4. It replaces more serious and complicated medical procedures
Remember the facelift? This required major surgery, long recovery, and many potential complications. Dermal fillers are very effective in correcting wrinkles, hollowing, plumping cheeks and thinning lips. They are relatively painless and require little to no downtime. The regular use of fillers can actually prevent the need for more invasive procedures later on.
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