Male botox

One thing is for sure: men are taking care of their appearance as never before. While it all started with having the perfect toned body, they moved onto shaving their chest, then applying moisturizers, and now they are using botox.


According to an American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery study the number of men using Botox totaled 453,281 in 2016. While this number may not be very meaningful, the truth is that it represents an increase when compared to the previous year.


But what is leading men to use more Botox than ever?


The reality is that there isn’t just one reason but several ones. However, before we even start, it’s important to notice that this increase of the use of Botox in men is reflected in all races. Dermatologists say that their patients are white, African-American, and Asian.


While most of the men who are recurring to Botox tend to be between 35 and 65 years old, the truth is that this seems to be all they have in common. Apart from the race, men getting Botox are hockey players, basketball players, venture capitalists, politicians, white-collar professionals in law, business, the art world, and fashion, among so many others.


So, why are men with so many different backgrounds, getting Botox?


#1: Competition In The Workplace

With the workplace becoming more competitive, some men are turning to Botox because they believe that by looking younger and better looking, they will have more chances to compete in the market.


#2: Advertising Is Getting Better

While just a couple of years ago you used to see skincare websites focusing almost solely on women, this is no longer the case. The reality is that the best websites are already showing images of other men getting Botox as well as showing the positive impact.


#3: Spouses Are Encouraging Men

More and more spouses and significant ones are encouraging men to make these procedures. Even when this isn’t entirely true and just the perfect excuse, men feel more comfortable about getting Botox when they see the results on their wives and on their friends.


#4: Social Media Is A Huge Influence

With the surge of social media with people posting their photos online, men want to be at their best. It doesn’t matter if they are already married or single.


#5: Men Are Becoming More Open

No matter how much men hear their wives and follow their advice on most occasions, there are things that they won’t simply do. However, mentalities change and men mentalities are changing about this kind of procedures. While it all began with their bodies and then taking good care of their skin, it has now evolved to looking better, more vibrant.